Super SpongeBob Collapse!

Super SpongeBob Collapse!

Click on matching groups of three or more blocks to clear them off the screen
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GameHouse, Inc.
License type: Shareware

Every determined seconds (rapidness depends of the level) a new line with colored bricks (3 colors on the first 4 levels, 4 colors on all of the levels afterwards) appear from the bottom of the screen and moves the whole field up.

The objective is to click on matching groups of three or more blocks to clear them off the screen. When clicking on a group of 3 or more same-colored bricks, the whole group disappears, and the hole is filled first by the elements falling from above. If a column is cleared, the elements move to the center of the field.

Watch out though, more lines are stacking up at the bottom and they are coming faster. As soon as any column reaches the top, it's game over!

The difference between the popular Super Collapse is that the theme of this game is Sponge Bob Square Pants. You will see pictures of him and his friends as well as listen to songs, audio and voices from Nickelodeon's cartoon. But the rules and the gameplay is exactly the same with Super Collapse.

Great fun for the whole family!

Raul Iniguez
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  • Simple puzzle game that will give you entertainment


  • You can master it quickly and easily
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